New York City Fun

We spent a weekend in New York City! You could call it a Babymoon to New York City, but really it was just a fun time to explore hang out and see friends! After lots of family time and shopping in Boston and before more family time and shopping in Houston, New York was a fun, exciting change of pace. Our real baby moon at the beach was still to come, but in the meantime, check out an easy, fun weekend in NYC.

The Upper East Side

Our first day in the big apple was very low key. We got in and buggered out at our living situation! Get a look at our view:

We then strolled around our new neighborhood, commenting how this was very likely the only time we would ever be staying in such a posh location. We couldn’t help but find a delicious coffee to top the day off. Not a bad start to the weekend!

Manhattan on Easter Day

After spending a day in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was back to Manhattan for a day around town!

This day was the epitome of a fun New York day, with lots of walking, eating, meeting and greeting. We started off with a walk down a closed Fifth Avenue, taking in the sun and an assortment of Easter hats.

[Caption: Rude Israeli Man Crossing Street. Explanation: Man says to wife: “Here, take the [water] bottle, ok”? She replies “no, I don’t want it”, so he says: “Ok I’m going to throw it away”. She says: “Alright, give me the water”. Man turns to friend: “See, I know how to manipulate her”.]

closed Fifth Avenue

Easter Hats Parade

Then: Cupcakes!

When the pregnant woman wants a cupcake, she can get it, and a darn good one at that!

These lovelies, Baked by Melissa, were absolutely delicious! Although in all fairness, I found them waaaaay too small, in that the craving wasn’t exactly satisfied even after 3 or 4 of them. No good. But still yummmmmmmmmy!!!!!!

After that short cupcake stop by Grand Central, we headed down to Chelsea Market to meet up with a couple of friends. A milkshake and walk on the High Line later, we met up with some cousins to continue our walk down the West River Boardwalk.



As it started to drizzle we stopped for a drink and joined up with some other friends to continue into Soho.

One more family dinner and we were full, contented and totally pooped. But even our tired feet could not resist a short photo shoot on the steps of a deserted Met. The best kind of day.


The Met at Midnight:


On the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art at midnight
Daphna at the MET pregnant

After our midnight photo shoot and spending 3 days across the street we felt it was time for a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We had just the right amount of time for a few exhibits before we were off to lunch in Queens.

We returned to Manhattan in time for rush hour and so delayed our departure with a short meeting with an old friend, and a slice of New York Pizza, before we returned to Boston late that night.

Elevators, from the Met:

To “our” building:

Would you go on a baby moon to New York City? I think it’s actually a great place for walking and eating when you’re pregnant!

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