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Mysore Palace

Getting there: 
from Bangalore it is a short train or bus ride; if you can, take the Shatabdi express (refer to our blog post for details)


Mysore Palace– 250 Rs entrance fee with audio guide included; audio guide is comprehensive and takes you through the whole palace in about an hour and a half (no cameras allowed- 10 Rs storage or hide them when going through metal detector)

Chamundi Hill– temple on top of the hill with view over Mysore; about an hour climb up steps; alternatively there is a bus (8 Rs) that takes you to the top and down

Devaraja Market– nice fruit/veggie market that gets started early; great photo-ops.

Rail museum– showcasing old train cars and the Indian rail history, rail enthusiast or kids check it out and ride the toy train; 10 minute walk from the rail station, 5 Rs.

Jagan Mohan Palace– small palace with museum, memorabilia and art, not a must, 20 Rs.

Dhasaprakesh Hotel– huge hotel complex with various rooms; double room w/ bathroom and hot water- 470 Rs, located by ghandi square; tel: 0821- 2442444/2444455; email: [email protected] ;
*suitable for mid-range travelers as well

Food Kourt– fair priced Indian restaurant; thalis or dishes, on Sri Harsha Rd.
(there are many similar restaurants on the same street, this one was the best that we tried)

nice shops with world brands on devaraja urs road
big supermarket called- “more”
other things to buy- aluminum goods

Easiest way to get there is by rail, 2.5/3 hours, all trains come from Bangalore.
Mysore to Bangalore on express train – 200 Rs chair car/ac

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