Museum of Chinese in America with Kids

This past week we went to “the Bambi museum” as Little N calls it and it was a great activity! I want to actually get this post written in a timely manner because it really revolves around the temporary exhibit we went to see in Chinatown: The Art of Tyrus Wong (and more specifically his paintings for Disney’s Bambi).

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Preparing for our Visit to MOCA

Since the museum opens at 11 a.m. we had a few hours in the morning to prepare.

We started off by re-reading the story of Bambi. We have just a generic version but it was perfect of our age set.

Then we found a world map and located China (along with a few other places). Finally, we looked at a couple books that M and I brought back from China with photographs of major landmarks!

The Adventure:

We got to the museum via public transportation with no problems (and Little B even fell asleep on the way). This involved a PATH train from New Jersey to World Trade Center and then a subway to Canal Street.

In the museum we looked at the post-card sized paintings we came to see and Little N was able to discern several of the main scenes. We also enjoyed talking about the kites and other movie drawings from the exhibit.

Then we moved on to the permanent collection and other exhibits; we didn’t spend much time in it because the subject matter was really way too advanced. (But I would like to come back on my own to learn more about the Chinese immigrant experience).

We took the elevator downstairs and discovered a cute little puppet show area for the kids to play.

By this time the museum was quite busy with school groups so we headed out.

DeSalvio Playground

You know I alway recommend, coupling a museum with a playground when kids are involved. This time was no different!

The kiddos had a lot of energy, so we walked to the nearest playground, DeSalvio Playground on the corner of Mulberry and Spring St for some play and lunch. Then it was time to head back!

[Update: this playground has been renovated and is really nice now! Definitely recommend you check it out if you’re in the area!]

Details for Visiting the Museum of Chinese in America

The Museum of Chinese in America is located at:
215 Centre St
Opens- Tues-Sun 11 a.m.
Free- First Thursday of the month
Subway- Canal St.

More things to do in Chinatown:

If you’re in Chinatown or the Lower East Side, and you have older children, or more time, consider visiting other destinations nearby.

Have you been to any of NYC’s smaller museums? Any you recommend we visit next?