Meet my Manager

I can’t believe it’s only getting a post now, but my itzbeen, otherwise known around here as my “manager”, has been absolutely indispensable.

I use it ALL THE TIME to time feedings (first because we had to wake up Baby Boy to eat, now to see how long he’ll let us sleep). I use it to pump (20 minutes, per my LLL consultant). When I was sick, I used it to time medications. And every night I use the flashlight (because Baby Boy will only sleep if it’s really dark and our night light is too bright), and of course I use the back-light on the timers to check how long I can expect to sleep before Baby Boy is expected to wake up to eat. Also, it has a clock which has officially replaced my cell phone clock. I’ve dropped it a bunch of times and no worries. Sometimes I hate it, but for now I can’t live without it.

*We found out a couple of friends of ours are expecting, so I’m going to write up some other products we love soon.

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