Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram) Tips

Getting there:
1. pondicherry to mamallapuram: local bus (no AC) 33 Rs; 2.5 hours
2. chennai to mamallapuram: many local buses (30 Rs) and probably an AC bus for 70 Rs from the bus station in Chennai (western edge of city)

Mamallapuram in known for rock carvings and reliefs. If you’ve been to Hampi you should probably skip it.

2 main complexes: The Shore Temple and the Five Rathas; the combined ticket is 250 Rs;
there is another complex which is free hosting Krishna’s butter ball (a large gravity defying balancing boulder) as well as the famous relief of Arjunas penance.

There are also numerous day trips possible from here that can be done with a scooter or public transport; inquire at the local government tourist office on the main road near the entrance to the city; a free map is also provided

Silver Moon Guest House– basic double with bath 300Rs on Othavadai Cross Street, Tel 044-27443644
Siva Guest House– across the street and similar room double with bath, starting 250 Rs.

the best option is to rent a scooter (250 Rs for 24 hours) ask around; you can then explore the different complexes and surrounding areas/beaches.

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