Jalisco Cultural Festival + Mariachi Square

Guadalajara is famous for mariachi music! It is thought that Mariachi originated in the State of Jalisco in the 19th century. The modern day mariachi ensemble consists of two trumpets, three violins or more, a vihuela, a guitar, and a guitarrón, sometimes with the addition of a harp. Although we have seen many variations on this, and the smaller troupes will only have about 5 musicians.

One place that you can go see near downtown Guadalajara is Mariachi square. Find out what there is to do there, and when to go. All the details below!

Jalisco Cultural Festival

On another random day, we hit up the Centro, only to find yet another festival: the Jalisco Cultural Festival. To be honest, it was mostly a bunch of amateur music and dance groups from around the state of Jalisco. It wasn’t too exciting, but still impressive that a whole festival was set up for it.

This time, we surpassed the main tourist attractions, to hit up Mariachi Square (where you can hire mariachis), and Mercado Libertad (San Juan de Dios). We strolled some of the pedestrian streets, and enjoyed the warm November sun.

Plaza de los Mariachis (Mariachi Square)

Mariachi Square is located south of Avenida Javier Mina and Mercado San Juan de Dios. It is a plaza where you can find mariachi group for hire. However, it can be a little raunchy.

In the morning it will be very quiet, but the evenings there is lots of drinking going on and it’s not the most family friendly location. If you know what you’re getting into then great. Otherwise you may find it more dirty and less refined than other parts of Guadalajara.

The building you see in the background is the Parroquia de San Juan de Dios


(monument to Pablo Neruda)


Mariachi Square:




(totally random: adorable play ironing boards)


Cultural Festival nuggets:




And a few more Centro pictures:




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