Jalisco Artisans Fair

Shortly after coming back from Mexico City, we hopped downtown to see the Jalisco Artisanal Fair going on downtown. There was a nice variety of goods. Most were things we had seen before, but generally of a good quality! Here’s everything you need to know about the fair!

Feria de las Artesanías de Jalisco

The Feria de las Artesanías de Jalisco Corazón de Artesano, is an annual fair that is organized by the government of Jalisco. A big tent is set up in Plaza Liberacion in the Centro Historico of Guadalajara.

Entrance to the fair is free. You can park underground as you would on a normal visit downtown. We usually park at Estacionamiento Público Tres Poderes, which then has a pedestrian exit straight into Plaza Liberacion.

If you’re walking from a hotel or otherwise, Plaza Liberacion is the one, between Hidalgo, Morelos, Liceo and Belén streets. (Calle= street, pronounced cah-Yeh).

Then of course, since D was in town, we hit up a couple other landmarks: the Teatro Degollado and Hospicio Cabañas. And what centro visit is complete without a lunch at La Chata?

Teatro Degollado

The Teatro Degollado is a 19th century theater. It is located right on the far end (meaning the opposite end of the Cathedral) of the Plaza Liberacion where the fair was taking place. So it was a no brainer to have a peek inside. More about the Teatro Degollado here.

Pro tip: The little coffee shop on the front right of the theater serves an excellent cup of jo!

Hospicio Cabañas

If you keep walking down either Calle Hidalgo or Calle Morenos past the Teatro Degollado, the next attraction you will reach is the Museo Hospicio Cabanas. This is a museum that was originally an orphanage and has murals by Jose Clemente Orozco. More details on how to visit, in this post about Hospicio Cabanas.

By this time we had worked up an appetite, so it was to La Chata Restaurant for our comida!

How do you like artisanal fairs? Do you love the opportunity to see many artisans together? Or do you prefer going to the different villages where the work is made?

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