“It’s a road with Ranchos” (Parks in Guadalajara)

Two weeks ago, we went on a very successful picnic in Parque Metropolitano here in Guad. We didn’t take any pictures, but it’s just a nice big park. Some areas are pretty open for walking/biking and some are more family/kid oriented with little BBQ areas and playgrounds. It’s the perfect place for a Dia del Campo (aka day out, aka tiyul).


So this past weekend we tried our luck at the Bosque de la Primavera. We drove all the way out of town, past the pereferico on a not-so-great turned paved-with-stones turned dirt road. And man was it a bust. While we trudged along in our little car M had to maneuver like crazy to avoid destroying our underside and all we wanted was to find a little picnic spot or short trail to walk on. Instead we got a never-ending road and on both sides of it were private Ranchos. And frankly, the forest was pretty ugly. About half- way down we saw a “ranger” that told us there were nice spots another 10 km away. So we kept going. And going. And going. Until we hit a sign that said we couldn’t keep going. So we found a tree by the side of the road and finally ate our lunch!

(At which point the same ranger in his truck shows up, and tells us to move the car out of the road, when there was NO WAY we could have done with out getting stuck!) So we left.

We were feeling a bit unsatisfied with the “park experience” so before heading home, we stopped at the Parque Agua Azul*. And that was quite a little gem. The small park is well maintained and has plenty of little spots to explore including an aviary, orchid greenhouse and butterfly “cage”. If only it weren’t in a not so great part of town we’d be back often enough.

*It’s also next to the municipal theater and the “archeological museum”, glad we found those ;).

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