Israel: Tel Aviv Old Port and Walking Tour

Getting ready to plan your trip to Tel Aviv? Get started with this guide to the Tel Aviv Old Port, Marina and other nearby areas!

Tel Aviv embodies the good life in Israel! Set on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, this city has beach town vibes down the street from big city sky rises. Designated a UNESCO world heritage site, Tel Aviv has lovely Bauhaus architecture and quaint residential streets along with a thriving nightlife scene!

Tel Aviv is a big city, but not too big! It is the perfect size for walking and biking, and its mostly flat landscape makes it ideal for pushing a stroller around.

Find some of the best spots in Tel Aviv to visit with kids by taking a walking tour. Here’s how you can put together your walking tour of Tel Aviv, starting at the Old Tel Aviv Port!

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Tel Aviv Old Port Things to Do

One of our favorite places to walk around is the Tel Aviv Old Port. It is the northern end of the boardwalk, and is now connected by a really nice walking path to the main boardwalk in the more central part of the city.

On weekday mornings you will find fishermen with lines dropped into the Mediterranean Sea, mothers with strollers walking through, and a general peacefulness.

Gaze out at the perfect blue ocean ahead, and then walk down to other parts of the beach boardwalk or sit down to a classic Israeli breakfast. The Tel Aviv Port Market has a variety of shops and cafes to enjoy!

On evenings and weekend the port comes alive with restaurants and nightclubs! There truly is something for everyone!

Getting to the Old Tel Aviv Port Area

One of the best features of the Tel Aviv Old Port is that it is easily accessible by both car and public transportation. The Reading Terminal for city buses lies just a 10 minute walk from the Old Port of Tel Aviv.

There is also a huge city parking lot there for commuters, meaning that it is easy for tourists to access, not matter what part of Israel you are staying.

the Marina in the morning calm

The Top Things to Do in Tel Aviv

If you have begun your day at the Old Tel Aviv Port, you can then move on to a whole bunch of other fun things to do in Tel Aviv. The walkability is excellent! Here are a few suggestions for spending the day in Tel Aviv:

Tel Aviv Beaches

Explore the Tel Aviv beaches, by walking south from the Port on the boardwalk. You can check out Metsitsim Beach, Nordau Beach, Hilton beach and the Marina on your way to our favorite and tourist classic: Gordon Beach. This whole walk will only take about 20 minutes!

From there you have lots of options, but start heading inland. Note that all of the streets will have an uphill section since you are coming from the beach, but it is not too bad!

typical residential street

Rabin Square

One option is to take Gordon Street all the way to Rabin Square. Rabin square is named for former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin that was murdered there during a peace rally.

It has been the site of many protests over the years and is a major gathering place in Israel. That said, on a normal day it is not too hectic!

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

If you’re feeling the need for air conditioning or some quiet, how about checking out the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. This contemporary art museum is a local favorite, with rotating artists.

Dizengoff Center

Another option is to take Frishman Street or Bograshov Street up into the city. Note that they do fan out from the beach, so decide ahead of time on your destination. To give you an idea of distance: Gordon Beach to Dizengoff fountain is about 15 minutes walking distance.

Check out Dizengoff Center and its surroundings. Dizengoff Center itself is a shopping plaza but with its windy passage ways, navigating it is like a maze! (For the parents, note that there is a free play area on the top floor. Ask for directions inside.)

Don’t forget to grab some pictures at the iconic Dizengoff Fountain. The colorful Fire and Water fountain is an Israeli classic, and hopefully its renovation will be completed soon!

outside Dizengoff, old and new

Carmel Market Area

Let’s say you went to Dizengoff, keep on exploring by heading to the Carmel Market area. This is about a 20 minute walk, but will probably take longer if you’re enjoying window shopping, stopping at a juice shop or cafe and enjoying the warm Tel Aviv sun.

The Carmel Market is a fabulous outdoor market. Primarily I would suggest checking out the fruits and vegetables. However, there are also all types of other goods to be found- from dollar quality home goods to nice souvenirs and Judaica.

This area of town is one of the best places to get street food in Tel Aviv! Despite our dietary restrictions at home: you will find me getting a huge bowl of hummus and pita here!

Just a couple blocks from the Carmel Market, is Sheinkin Street. It is a mecca for boho shops, with funky art work, hipster clothes and more! Highly suggest you check it out if that’s your style.

coffee shop fun in one of many many many cafés in town

Nahlat Binyamin

If you are visiting Tel Aviv on a Tuesday or Friday, definitely check out the Nachalat Binyamin Art Fair, which is on Nahlat Binyamin Street. This artisan market has the cutest finds!

From ceramics, to paintings, jewelry, toys, woodwork and more, this is one of the best places to go shopping for unique pieces straight from the artisans. For fabric lovers, the street has many many fabric shops as well.

Old Train Station, Neve Zedek, Yaffo

If you’re not yet exhausted from walking around, there are still plenty more areas to check out in Tel Aviv. The Old Train station was re-done as a shopping and dining complex. It is right by the most picturesque of Tel Aviv neighborhoods, Neve Tzedek!

If you’ve made it to this part of town, you may as well check out Yaffo! The views, the parks, the flea market. There is so much to do here, I will write a full post sometime and will update you here! Personally, I would give touring Yaffo a full day of its own.

schnitzel, bigger than the kiddo

Touring Tel Aviv with a Baby

We went to Tel-Aviv several times during our month long visit. It is in “the center” of Israel after all.

You can find all of our tips for Israel with a baby here. But in short: Tel Aviv is very baby friendly! Bring a stroller, and walk around. You won’t regret it!

A few of our favorite items to have on hand:

Have you been to Tel Aviv? What is your favorite neighborhood in Tel Aviv? And let’s talk about food: what would you eat first?

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    1. Yes! It’s beautiful, and best of all it is walking distance between the beaches and the market, so there’s really something for everyone!

  1. I’m so curious about Tel Aviv. You make it sound so fascinating – I’d really like to get there when international travel resumes. Fingers crossed it’s this year!

    1. All our fingers are crossed as well! We haven’t been able to make a trip to Israel in well over a year now. You would love it!

  2. I’m all about finding local crafts and produce when I travel so I would be all about the market and the art fair. I think you can learn so much about a place this way. Tel Aviv looks like a nice city, and the sea is so blue. What a relaxing place to take a walk

    1. It really is unique to have such a fun Mediterranean beachy vibe together with all the fun things to do of a big city. You should definitely check out the craft market- we have gotten some amazing things there!

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