Greeting Card Art

One of the reasons we went to Boston, was to close up shop in my parents’ apartment. They are planning to move out in about a year, and the likelihood that we’ll be back there is pretty small.

So once we got back from our big city adventure, I got to work. I sorted and sifted through clothes, and paperwork, and years of accumulated memories and junk. We got things down to just one box of stuff to send with them, one box to leave in Houston, and just a few items to take back with us to Mexico.

One of the things I found was a whole lot of greeting cards my dad got over the years from donations. Since he wasn’t planning on keeping them we sifted through, and thanks to the World Wildlife Fund and some Ikea frames, I now have nursery art. How cute are these???

I also found a couple of random cards, and a little keychain holder I painted in the old days, to make another set of art!

It looks like we’re all set. All we need now is a nursery to hang them in…

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