Flying with a 6 month old

Baby Boy, M and I flew to back to the States to celebrate Hannukah with family. The flight was easy! It is such a great age to fly!

Baby Boy nursed during take-off, and then we passed him back and forth until we had arrived. Then again, he was quite squirmy and wanted to play around the whole time. Read on for tips on flying with a 6 month old:


  • Flying with a 6 month old is much easier than flying with a 3 month old, however you still need to be on alert all the time, so having another adult and packing light will help with the trip.
  • Try to be more aware of flight times, so that you don’t have to disrupt the baby’s schedule too much. At this point they are very interested in their surroundings and will not necessarily go to sleep at their usual times.
  • At this point a carrier is still a much easier way of getting around the airport and keeping your hands available.
  • In addition to normal diaper bag contents, don’t forget a couple small toys and solid food, if relevant.

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Do you have more tips for flying with a 6 month old baby? Isn’t it a great time to fly?

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  1. Traveling allows us to experience different cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles, broadening our perspectives and creating lifelong memories. It’s a way to escape our routine, learn new things, and challenge ourselves.

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