Our First Beach Trip with a Newborn (Chacala)


Our very first road trip with a newborn, was also our very first beach trip with a newborn. If you’re considering taking a trip with a newborn, do it!

While the first few weeks with a baby may be overwhelming, getting out of your element can be great! The fact is, that baby care is not something you get to take a break from, at least not in the newborn stage.

So why not take care of your newborn while waking up to the sound of the ocean? Breastfeed with you feet in the sand. Rock them to sleep in a baby carrier while enjoying the ocean breeze instead of your home hallway.

Still nervous? I have all the tips and tricks you need to know about newborn travel right here.

Deciding on a Beach Trip with a Newborn

Deciding to take a beach trip with our newborn was easy. There were so many reasons to go, and no real reason to hold back.

It was our last trip as a twosome, and the first as a threesome. We needed some R&R. M finally finished his coursework, and we had just one short weekend before he was starting the marathon towards the boards.

I, on the other hand, was antsy to get out of town for a bit, since we had been in the city since this trip back in May.

To top it off, Baby Boy’s Auntie was in town, and we were going to take her to the Pacific Ocean. So off we were to the beach!

Road Trip with a Newborn

To make our first time traveling with a newborn as smooth as possible, we took our time getting to our destination. We pre-planned a long stop in Tequila. Here’s a look at our weekend getaway with a newborn:

  • Day 1: Guadalajara to Tequila (1 hour), Tour + Lunch, Tequila to Chacala (2 Hours)
  • Day 2: Beach Time
  • Day 3: Beach + Drive Chacala to Guadalajara (3 hours)

Visiting Tequila with a Newborn

Taking a newborn around is so easy! We popped our baby into a baby carrier, and went on the tequila factory tour. We did the tour at Sauza and it was good. We ate at La Cholula. And Baby N: he ate in the car.

Here are all the details on how to visit Tequila!


Driving from Tequila to Chacala, Nayarit

Truth be told, this drive was not so easy, as we ran into Baby Boy’s fussy time. Driving from Tequila in Jalisco to Chacala in Nayarit is approximately a two hour drive.

We had to stop about half way through so that I could breastfeed Baby Boy. Then I held and burped him on the side of the road for a bit before we could keep going.

The last twenty minutes or so it got dark on us and baby really wanted to be nursed and put to bed, but we had to push through.

Lesson learned: Time the majority of driving with your newborn baby’s nap time!

For the way back, we started driving earlier in the day so we had plenty of time for short stops and got back well before bedtime!


First Beach Trip with a Newborn

We headed to Chacala, Nayarit, for a little well-deserved beach time. Baby N,  at 2.5 months old, was quite agreeable, enjoying the aura of the water more than anything. D got a little (a lot) less reading than usual, but we still had our morning stroll, dip in the water and feast of fish.

I was a little nervous about Baby Boy so we took the stroller (which has UV protection) for him to hang out in. We also made sure he was well covered so that his sensitive baby skin didn’t get hurt.

We took turns letting him rest on us, and while I didn’t get as much of a rest as I would have liked, it was still a really fun time. And we discovered a new game: “watch the ceiling fan”!

newborn baby in baby jogger city mini on the beach

Tips for Taking a Newborn to the Beach


You are not supposed to use sunscreen on a baby under 6 months old. (But I linked the brand that we use at 6+ months). Therefore, we chose to focus on staying in the shade.

We had our Baby Jogger City Mini right on the beach with us, as a place for Baby Boy to lie down and sleep.

We also had a sunhat, and plenty of light blankets to make sure our baby stayed out of the sun.

newborn baby napping on dad on the beach


Crib / Pack n Play / Laundry Basket / Bassinet

If you’re staying at a hotel, you may want to request a crib or bring a pack and play. For us, we usually co-sleep on vacation so that is less necessary.

That said, we did bring our laundry basket, as a bassinet for Baby Boy to nap in, when on our balcony. Of course, you could bring a real bassinet if you have one that is easy to travel with or comes with your stroller.

newborn baby sleeping in laundry basket

Stroller / Baby Carrier

As I already mentioned above, we love using our stroller for the beach during the newborn phase. Depending on the type you have this may not work so well. Bringing me to our next item.

A baby carrier. A carrier for baby is a must have on any vacation with a newborn, but especially at the beach. You will definitely want to be able to walk on the beach without dragging a stroller.

While I generally prefer a wrap carrier for the newborn phase, on the beach this may be too hot. Therefore, I suggest bringing a soft structured carrier for your newborn.

newborn baby in soft structured carrier at the beach

Things to do with a Newborn at the Beach

The beach is an excellent destination for travel with a newborn. All in all I would definitely recommend it as a first weekend trip with a newborn baby. Here are things to do with a newborn at the beach.

  1. Hang out (in the shade)
  2. Take long walks on the beach
  3. Nap
first family beach trip with newborn in the shade

Would you travel with your 2 month old baby?  

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