Daddy's Boy

M has a new best buddy. And he’s definitely going to be a daddy’s boy.

The change I have seen in my husband is beyond words. The most loving man I know has somehow managed to become kinder, softer, more considerate and more loving than ever before.

It was instantaneous: the fear of hurting our fragile package, the endless gaze at this miracle that we made, the awe and desire to care for, provide for, and do anything for the little guy.

The hopes and dreams for the little man are a part of every chat they have. They are already in cahoots: the two of them against the world.

We’ve become a true nuclear family. We’ve endured hours of crying, laughing, frustration and joy. We’ve become one complete and intimate unit.
Our little man has had quite the effect, and all of us are reaping the benefits.

1 thought on “Daddy's Boy”

  1. Oh my god, that last picture…he's such a little peanut! What a cutie pie 🙂 What is it about little vulnerable naked baby bodies that just make mommas melt?

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