It seems it may finally be over, but for 4 weeks now, almost every restaurant experience has been cursed. Luckily we did a lot of eating in. See for yourself:

Concon– grilled congrio fish served raw

Santiago– greasy couscous dropped on shirt and pants by waiter

Santiago– piece of sweater lint found in sandwich

Sky airlineshair in pasta
(not counted- another airline meal we wouldn’t touch even if nothing was wrong with it)

Puerto Varas– grilled salmon served raw

Puerto Varas– cake had moldy raspberries

Chiloe– dirty dishes, nasty food
(not counted- 3 attempts to eat lunch in locations 10 minutes after they closed)

Puerto Natales– raw french fries, greasy and cold
(not counted- a tasteless pizza)

El Calafate– orange juice served in cracked glass

Ratio cursed restaurant meals: 7/26
Of 18 restaurant meals not “cursed”, number enjoyed: 6

We would call that a curse. Gratefully, as we started our way back north it seemed to have finally ended. Phew!

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