Changing Car Seats

Way, way, way back, when I was pregnant with Baby Boy, I did a lot of research on car seats. I decided that for our needs, driving about once a week or so (only to go grocery shopping actually), I had no need for an infant car seat, and could just go with a convertible seat that could stay in the car.

I focused on a highly rated convertible that was particularly well suited for infants as well. This guided my search, and I finally found what I thought was the perfect seat for us, the First Years C670 True Fit Premier, which we promptly brought down from the US.

little baby

We used it happily for 6 months. Scratch that. It didn’t fit very well from the beginning in our Acura, but we tolerated it for the first 6 months. The incline of our back seat made it a nightmare to position at the correct angle, but it was fine.

Then at the 6 month mark we needed to add the top part because Baby Boy was getting too tall to be just in the infant part. Here started our big problem: the passenger seat needed to be all the way forward for the seat to fit properly rear facing. It was uncomfortable to say the least. (Also not very safe if the airbags were to inflate).

how I felt about my legroom

As soon as we knew we would be back in the US, I started researching car seats all over again. This time I had a different goal in mind: a seat that would take up the least amount of room (while still staying top-rated for safety of course).

I wasn’t too concerned with the weight limit because I figured that if I need to buy another seat in a couple of years then we would deal with that then (and who knows if we’ll still have the same car). At the end of the day, we chose the Britax Roundabout and we could not be happier!

We used the seat during our beach vacation, and since I flew by myself I had to uninstall and reinstall at the airport on both legs of the journey. It was very easy to get it correctly installed, and most importantly, now that we are back home it fits amazingly well in our Acura. The passenger seat has so much leg room again! Love!

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