South America

So far we have been to Chile and to Argentina! Check out our map, free resources, and tips! We can’t wait to visit more countries in South America.

Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas is the gateway to Southern Chile and the Patagonia. Before you head out to trek in the Chilean Patagonia, spend 2 days in Punta Arenas. Get ready with some duty free shopping for trekking gear and see some penguins along the way. Here’s how to spend a couple of days in Punta Arenas: …

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Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt truly lived up to its reputation of being una mierda – a s***hole. We started the day with the long drive-ferry-drive from Castro through a rainy Chiloe. We arrived in town mid-day, finally in time for a cocineria lunch. We headed straight for Angelmo, the area near the water with fish and artesania …

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To come to Chiloe you have to make the effort. There are no airports on this island and so a ferry ride is the mode of transport. As we boarded the ferry a man from sernatur approached us and asked if we would talk a little about our travels through Chile. So now we are …

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Ensenada and Petrohue

We decided to bite the bullet and continue with our plans regardless of the stormy day that greeted us. We set off along Lago Llanquihue to base ourselves out of Ensenada. From there we set off to the Saltos de Petrohue – the Petrohue waterfalls. They were quite impressive, but the clouds and drizzle never …

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Santiago, Chile

Santiago, the capital of Chile in South America, and its largest city, is best visited during the months of December, January and February. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you get to take a winter vacation while the Southern Hemisphere is in its summer! This cosmopolitan city has everything you need: a walkable down town …

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