Baby Junk Love and the "Entertainment Committee"

I fondly call myself (and M) Baby Boy’s entertainment committee. I realize it part of being a mom, but many times I find this to be the most taxing part of the day. Taking care of Baby Boy’s physical necessities are pretty straight forward: I have a task- feed/change/bathe/clothe etc- I begin it and when it’s one it’s done. In between, though, is that time where I need to teach, interact, and for lack of better word, entertain Mr. Baby Boy. I believe this is the aspect that makes many stay at home moms go stir crazy.

While it is most definitely rewarding to “be there” both physically and mentally, as your child grows up, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, some days I struggle to come up with activities for us. And this is where baby junk appretiation comes in. Before I had baby boy I was adament that I didn’t want too much baby stuff around and taking over the house*. Now, however, I couldn’t be more appreciative of the fifteen minute increments of free movement I get when Baby Boy is entertaining himself in the safety of a toy he can’t wriggle out of. Put him in, and it’s ready…set…dishes/laundry/tidy/lunch/blogging Go!

*Full disclosure: The baby stuff take-over does bother me, and I am consequently working on a play area to compartmentalize the mess. Post to follow.

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