Baby Brain (33 Weeks)

Baby Brain

M said I need to post about this, and he’s probably right. Since becoming pregnant I have become a complete airhead. I’ve become clumsy, forgetful and an all around ditz and it’s starting to get old.

Up until now the biggest consequence of baby brain was forgetting the baking powder in a cinnamon cake that I planned to bring over to a dinner party. Luckily it was early enough that I had time to make a replacement, but that’s pretty bad.

I may have topped it though on a recent trip to Walmart. We were leaving the store, and M reminds me to get out change to tip the bag girl.

There were a bunch of bag kids on break, that we were passing, one of them a girl which I had just seen joining the boys. So I assumed this was the girl who bagged up our things and gave her the tip.

M turns around “what are you doing?”. Turns out our bag girl was still by the register we had payed at, and I never even thought to turn around and look…oy the baby brain.

Baby Expo

Guadalajara has a large and active expo center that brings in lots of events to town. We’ve been to both a book expo and special events attire exposition and both were huge impressive affairs.

So when we heard that a baby expo was coming to town, we were both interested to see what it was all about.

Let me just say up front, it was pretty much a bust. Mostly we were disappointed by the size; the expo was just too small, with not enough vendors showcasing goods. We still have some things to purchase, but although prices were discounted compared to department stores here, they were still 50% more than in the US.

So what did we end up with? Two new fabric grocery bags, several cream samples, and one lead on a crib.

Body Heat

For the first 6 months of this pregnancy, I honestly enjoyed having a body temperature several degrees warmer than usual. During our mild “winter” I wasn’t really cold.

In the breezy mornings and evenings of spring, I didn’t need to worry about bringing a sweater. When entering stores with lots of AC I didn’t feel uncomfortable. And so overall, it was kind of nice not being cold.

The month of May, however, is most definitely the hottest month in Guadalajara and it has been a doozy! I’m hot all day. If I take a nap in the afternoon on the couch I practically overheat and end up sweaty and awake.

I don’t like doing laundry after 1 pm because it’s so hot on the third floor that once I come down I’m stinky. I’m a fan and decaf cold coffee addict, whereas last year at this time, I didn’t even bring a fan downstairs. And the worst part- instead of me stealing M’s body heat, he has to stay away from mine. 🙁

Heading Home with your Newborn – Book Review

I finished this book quite a while ago, but I think that it was a great introduction to the world of baby. It had a little bit about everything: feeding, diapering, playing, bathing, etc.

Mostly it reinforced a lot of what I would intuitively do/think, which is nice because the book is endorsed by the American Pediatric Association. Being that it’s written by doctors who are also moms, there’s lots of advice on what’s “normal” and what is a cause for concern.

Even though I definitely don’t remember all the little tidbits (and there were a few chapters that were pretty useless), I think it’s a great reference to have around the house to look at before the google monster makes you crazy.

*Picture at 33 weeks at my baby shower! Yay!

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  1. Oh, I've got it bad, too. The other day I was trying to write the word "phase" and I wrote it "faze" and kept thinking that it kinda looked weird but it just HAD to be right because really, how else would you spell it? Dumb.

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