Andares Shopping Mall

Just before our trip to Mexico City, we had a great excursion to Andares Shopping Mall.

This is the nicest mall in Guadalajara and has lot of top end shops but more importantly, has a wonderful open courtyard with year-round activities that take advantage of the beautiful weather here.

No wonder it was the first place we were taken when we first came to the city! Little N is old enough to enjoy some of the offerings, so it was the perfect little activity for us.

Andares Shopping Mall in Guadalajara

If you’re wanting to visit a fun outdoor shopping mall. Or if you want a break from the busy and loud Centro Historico, but still want shopping options, this is one of the best malls in Guadalajara.

Plaza Andares is located on Acqueducto and Patria roads, so you have easy access from both downtown Guadalajara and the “suburbs” outside the Pereferico (ring road), of Zapopan.

Features of Andares Mall


Dare I say, I almost skipped saying this, but obviously you will find a wide variety of stores. The majority are famous international brands, although there are some local chain stores. Palacio de Hierro and Liverpool are the two large department stores at Andares.


You can find most types of food at the mall. There is a strip of restaurants on the outside edge of the mall that have outdoor seating.

Kid Activities

In the middle of the mall, that is not covered, there are different activities set up throughout the year. Some are seasonal, and most require a small additional fee. Past examples include mini golf, art workshops and more. There is a tiny play area that is open for play any time.


On many evenings there are shows by local musicians, especially on weekends or during holiday times. Check the schedule here!

Koi Pond

Because the mall is indoor and outdoor, there is really nice landscaping, with lots of greenery. On the main level there is a koi pond that our toddlers have loved staring at.

Movie Theater

There is a Cinepolis VIP movie theater at Andares! That means comfortable recliners and food service if you choose a VIP show!


Parking is super important. This mall is not very accessible for pedestrians, by design. There is convenient underground parking and the spots even have those red and green lights above them to tell you if the spot is open. Keep your ticket and pay at a station before exiting the lot.

Have you been to a luxury shopping mall in Guadalajara? or anywhere else? How does it compare?

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