37 Weeks Pregnant (9 months?)

Getting into the home stretch of pregnancy, at 37 weeks. If you’re 37 weeks pregnant and feeling done with pregnancy, then you’re not alone. Talking philosophically, an update on my pregnancy, and getting things done!

When are you 9 months pregnant?

Ok, so to tell the truth I’m not exactly sure when you can say you are 9 months pregnant- is it at the beginning of the last month? or when you’re due? Either way, I feel like I’m done being pregnant.

Baby Boy wants to come out. He’s sitting low, pushing down there like nobody’s business. I thought the incessant need to use the toilet was supposed to get better at the end, but it has gotten way worse.

When he’s not weighing on my stomach like a ton of bricks, he’s kicking the heck out of my right side. I’m sorry to inform you Baby: there is no side Exit.

Meanwhile I officially feel like a fat pregnant lady. When I sit forward, my stomach actually sits on my legs, which I find extremely gross (for lack of a better word).

And I developed a waddle- so much so that M was scared of me having an “accident” in Costco from walking the length of the store.

For the last of the TMI I will add that I’ve been having menstrual-like cramps for the past week. My only hope is that this means things are moving along.

We are trudging through the last of the tasks and hopefully will be done today. Today! (at 37.5 weeks, depending on how we’re counting)

Do you have a pregnant woman in your life?

The best compliment to give a pregnant woman is: “You don’t look pregnant from the back”.

I loved hearing it at 20 weeks and I love it even more now. It’s a nice way of saying, “you’re not a fat ass”, even though I’m pretty sure my ass did get fatter. But I’ll take it. 🙂

Getting a Crib

In other news, we got a crib. The night before we were going to go shopping and pick one out, a friend emailed me that she heard through the grapevine that I hadn’t gotten one yet and would I be interested in hers.

Well, we went over the next day: met her husband, saw the crib, called a third friend with a truck, completed the transaction and got the crib home!

Might I add, we also got the mattress, breathable bumper and sheets, so it was a pretty good deal. The only work we need to do is secure the “drop-side” part of it. It doesn’t work anyway but I would like to bolt it in a little better just to be safe. For the time being though, the baby won’t be moving too much and that side will be against the wall.

So now we have a crib in our living room. This morning we had a brainstorming session because my measurements for putting the crib in our bedroom were off. Or rather, the crib is bigger than I thought it would be.

This time we went old school- a measuring tape, a piece of paper, and us sitting on the bed trying to come up with every possible configuration. We tried everything; we were ready to get rid of our nightstands, or remove my closet door, or make tiny passageways, but nothing was working. Until M had a brilliant idea- put the bed diagonally. And he credits me with not brushing him off, but I sketched it out, and it looks like it’s going to work!

Update from Last Week

Now we have to wait to hear news from the doctor. If I’m having a C-section, we’re not going to move the crib in. Rather we will, bring up one of our twin beds and co-sleep for the first week or so until I can comfortably get out of bed.

If I get the green light for a natural birth then, we’ll be going into our diagonal configuration. Either way, I’m excited that we have our biggest missing purchase completed, and a plan in place.

How are you feeling today? Any other pregnant woman feeling done?

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