31 weeks

This time, we were in Houston, and things were good. We spent the end of our vacation with a little more relaxation and culmination of shopping that resulted in the pictures seen here!

Currently at 31 Weeks

  • I feel huge!
  • My belly got heavy. So I bought a belt, and that seems to work to alleviate the pressure a bit when I am walking. Unfortunately, it’s not so comfy when sitting down.
  • GERD, is my new friend. More below…
  • Constipation, also back.
  • Lower back pain is a new buddy that hits from walking too much, sitting too much and anything in between.
  • But, I feel good, and more excited than I’ve been.
  • I love having baby stuff around; it feels more real.
  • People have become very very nice and accommodating to me, and that I love.


His name is GERD. Some of you may know him by his colloquial name, acid reflux. But really he prefers his full name- Gastro-Esophogeal Reflux Disease.

He’s kind of a kartzia (=tick=parasite=pain in the behind). He comes and goes as he pleases. He likes to show up when I’m trying to relax after a meal, or when I go to bed at night.

The only one that can control him is Uncle TUMS. Unfortunately TUM’s BFF is Mr. Constipation, so I don’t like to let him stop by the house too often. Inevitably if one comes over, the other tags along.

So that’s where we’re at. I’ve been trying to avoid GERD by cutting out his gang of co-conspirators, Mrs. Tomato, Mr. Onion, Baby Orange and all their friends. But life is strange without them. It’s a catch 22.

Car Seat Adventures

Our time in Houston was marked mostly by shopping, a little bit of relaxing, some royal-wedding viewing (in parts), and one awesome purchase: a bag. But not just any bag, a bag that holds a car seat. It was pretty funny watching M walk around the house with this thing.

It did, however, come in very handy for our flight back when we checked in with all our luggage and this free extra piece. Actually the lady wanted us to pay for it, because she said we needed to have an infant with us for it to be free. BUT that is not Continental’s policy.

So even though she’d been working there for 15 years, we got our free check in. Although I can understand her- because really how many people travel with a carseat but no infant?

what it's like to be 31 weeks pregnant graphic

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