27 Weeks: Crazy Party Thoughts

I think at a certain point of being pregnant, you start to feel like you really need to get ready for baby NOW. Or like, YESTERDAY. And you start making lists and checking things off. You consider all the different alternative plans for what might happen after the birth and how to guide your loved ones to take care of stuff the way you would. Well, I definitely reached that point. A peek at what it’s like to be 27 weeks pregnant!

Thinking About the Bris

For some reason, my list making has been totally channeled into our baby naming party. I know it’s going to happen one week after the birth. I have a feeling I’m going to look and feel like a mess. But I still want to give Baby Boy a great party. So now everywhere I go, I see party stuff.

Costco: “oo look they have paper goods, we’ll need to come back here”.

Pastry shop: “oh look, they make kids cakes” [tastes sample] “and they’re yummy too, we should order the cake for the party here”.

Party store: “I like this shop” [thinks: come to get candy and decor here…]

Goes to lunch: [I need to remember to invite this girl…maybe I should make a guest list, hmm]

Walks down street: “I wonder if we could have the reception here…or should I just move the furniture in the house?”

So that’s the current crazy. Anyone else have a totally random must-prepare-before-baby-arrives obsession?

The One Good Thing…

about giving up coffee:

is that whenever I wake up I’m totally awake. No more morning groggy. 🙂

But the rest of the time I really miss it: the sweet smell, the routine of preparation, the savoring and the pick-me-up of course. At least I’m awake enough to write this, in the early morning sun.

Walking Around: the Stroller vs Baby Carrier Debate

How to carry Baby Boy has been one of my biggest dilemmas.
On the one hand, I think I need a stroller, or at least at some point I will.
On the other hand, I’ve been told by several people here that it’ll be easier to carry Baby Boy than maneuver the sidewalks here.
On the third hand I don’t want to be confined to “only” a carrier.
On the fourth hand bringing down a stroller is going to be a PITA!
Ahhhh….so I dunno.

I really want a Moby. But it’s 40 USD for a piece of fabric. But I went to the fabric store, and the fabric was 32 USD, so maybe I should just get a Moby Wrap?

And I want a Baby Jogger. I’m obsessed and convinced that I need one. Except I probably don’t.

And so, my friends what to do? what do I really need for the first 3 months? Can the stroller wait or will I totally regret it?

How are you feeling at 27 weeks pregnant? Any other list makers out there? What’s your current obsession

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