24 Weeks

A quick peek at what it’s like to be 24 weeks pregnant. Nicely in the second trimester, energy is back and here’s the update.

What it’s like to be 24 Weeks Pregnant

Well here we are, more or less, all caught up. New developments throughout month 5 have included:

  1. returning reflux and no more citrus for me (still having onion/garlic and then just dealing with it)
  2. total sugar-holic-ness especially fruit (watermelon, cantalope, papaya, pear, apple, pineapple, have all made appearances)
  3. a little trouble bending over resulting in awkward side-bends
  4. exercising a lot more (walking 5 ks 2-3 times a wk + yoga dvds) because see the next one-
  5. getting fatter (let’s not sugar coat too much)

Up ahead: stuff we’re doing to get ready (not much), stuff I think I need to buy (more than I want to), me getting fatter. Toodles!

*By the way, the picture is from our excursion to Unidad Deportiva Revolucion

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